The Innovation is At Full Throttle

Intelligent Embedded Systems enable 5G and IoT in hyper-connected world to revolutionized the way we live.What we know so far is still just the tip of the iceberg. on this platform, we want to show you more of the technology-enabled experiences we envision. Technology has transformed our lifestyles in a better possible way.

The advancement in research shrank the boundaries among technologies which are closely merged together. An embedded system was a controller consists of mechanical or electrical system to perform simple specific functions. These tasks to be performed usually in real-time based computing by controllers.

Intelligent Embedded System is speeding up not just 5G, but your imagination.

Research and industry driven approaches make todays systems more complex and sophisticated embedded systems which are more operating system and electronics based especially those which are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT). 5G is going to be big game changer and already boosting embedded system industry.

Systems with controllers are primarily inducted in Information Communication Technology (ICT), Antenna design , Satellites, Missiles, Super computers, Electronic media marketing , Neural Network Tank imaging , Medical diagnoses and Autonomous vehicles etc

5G technology is commercially launched in many countries and continues to develop ahead. The internet of things (IoT) is enabling devices to get connected via 5g service in an effort to capture, analyze and take action on data. IoT can only be possible with massive support from core 5G. There are also a lot of pressure on embedded system manufacturers to develop ultra-reliable low latency communication motherboards, which fulfill IoT applications like industrial robotics and autonomous drones. So this is going to be next generation challenge for embedded design community.

It is established that 5G and IoT is evolving together as co-evolve, so the demand of this evolution is to have smaller, more powerful chips and modems. Embedded systems modules need to be built much reliable and high performing motherboard to handle computation of next generation devices. Current embedded operating system needs major overhaul here and developers must look to learn the fundamentals of embedded design quickly for the IoT. Seasoned professionals also in need of quick refreshers to meet the demand of today’s trend. IoT applications mostly has a data rate of about 1 Mbps and if devices use cellular technology has in reality, practical range is up to 190-200 km. To get and remain connected, devices are required too much power for use. Hence circuits with efficient control systems are required.Along with these technical challenges Business Social Responsibility still remains there among core values.

The Evolution of Communicating is only with Smart Embedded Systems

Top 5 world’s largest vendor of telecom network infrastructure,Huawei,Ericsson,Nokia,ZTE and Samsung are in competition for supremacy in IoT. This battle has put the cellular industry under huge pressure of manufacturing high end smart chips with sophisticated embedded boards. This is one end of the side. Now get to the other side of the table where devices are present to be connected and serve the humanity, making their lives easy peasy. This 5G race with IOT is going to be a big bang for advanced embedded system technology.

embedded system

Now with these intelligent embedded chips and protocols, there are countless ways to communicate today apart from texting, video chatting, and social media. Key limiting factor was latency which 5G’s ultra-low latency is intended to help solve it. More improved carrier grade dependable communication experience is what people are going to have.

How Sophisticated Embedded System changes the way we Transport

Thanks to the inventions in QUALCOMM snapdragon embedded systems which enable 5G and IOT to get developed.  With qualcomm we not only get 5G connection to our mobiles but our household items even cars are being connected to one another. Chips on Motherboards need to get data, process it and then share over the air to control system. Whether that data is of the road, engine condition, tires wear and tear or virtually everything else. It’s an age where embedded systems like qualcomm snapdragon changes the way we maintain home, make it smart home and changed the way we transport. Embedded system revolutionized Home and automotive safety all together. Drone chips, circuits are improved versions of Embedded Systems that helps to process aerial image processing remotely. With these motherboards autonomous UAV outdoor flight controlled is an intelligent embedded system that revolutionized transportation. Our Highways are going to be communicating with intelligent chips via 5G to get the users updated about the latest happening. This is amazing fact.

How Embedded System Changes the Way We Game

Further to how embedded systems change our everyday lives and how they have touched on everything from collaborating to shopping and watching to socializing. The evolution of gaming is the one of the biggest industries that touched 2.2 billion people worldwide in 2018.Previously embedded systems were not so efficient and improved one to handle large data processing, connectivity and latency. With the evolution in cloud industry with 5G, gaming industry is shifting to cloud gaming. One example is Google’s new cloud gaming service which is going to improve reaction time, provide ultra-low latency. Even with Qualcomm chips we streamed games live over 5G connection. Game lovers are going to heaven after getting this experience.

games and 5g speedHow Beverage Industry Automation is Revolutionised?

Latest intelligent embedded design deployment in Beverage industry has exponentially increased the performance of the system. Smart chip systems more accuracy, high rates of production, more safety, more quality control, short lead times, high repeat-ability and more. Beverage industry has upgraded automated systems which added value to production line that increased productivity because the latest advanced systems added more intelligent approach to cost containment and reduction.

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