10 Skills Without Which A Marketer Cannot Survive in The Age of AI

It happened. We live in an age of artificial intelligence. I can’t believe it, right?

It is high time for marketers to accept this fact and begin to prepare for the inevitable changes in the technology era.

Already, machines are actively learning to recognize images and speech, to predict the likelihood of the development of certain events and make decisions. That is to do our work.

Today, the most effective brands are more than twice as likely as competitors to use AI in their marketing processes. Artificial intelligence helps companies to increase sales, indicators are growing due to the personalization of experience .

Over the past 5 years, the number of jobs requiring AI knowledge has grown by 450%.

And artificial intelligence will continue to conquer the field of marketing. Are you ready for this?

In today’s article, we’ll talk about 12 skills without which a marketer cannot survive in the AI ​​age.

1. Flexibility
If you don’t start to adapt today, you will soon be behind your competitors. Just look at how many companies are already using AI, and how many plan to implement this technology in the future: AI is the fastest growing marketing technology. It is expected that over the year it will grow by 53%.

If you want to succeed, you need to adapt. Do not rely too much on time-tested strategies. Feel free to experiment and test new technologies.

2. Sociability
It’s not new to marketers that developed communication skills make a significant contribution to business success. It is important to be able to convey your thoughts to employees, customers and other people with whom you have to communicate every day.

In the age of AI, communications are becoming an even more significant element of business. After all, not one, even the most advanced artificial intelligence, is capable of replacing live communication.

Do not delegate communication with clients to robots at 100%. In the age of high technology, the human face of the brand will become a major competitive advantage.

3. Budget allocation
The introduction of artificial intelligence is not cheap. For this reason, most brands do not use solutions in AI marketing:

For what reason you are not interested in implementing AI solutions ?
If you decide to incorporate new technology into your strategy, you cannot do without planning and budget allocation skills.

Try to find ways to cut costs in other areas to enter the new century before the competition.

4. The ability to analyze big data
AI will open up access to huge amounts of data that are important to be able to analyze.

According to research, 29% of brands use artificial intelligence to automate data analysis. 26% use AI to analyze operational effectiveness. As a result, business owners receive large amounts of information, on the basis of which it is necessary to draw conclusions and make decisions. Are you ready for this?

5. Programming Skills
To use artificial intelligence, you do not have to be a programmer. However, knowledge in this area will not be superfluous, for sure. For example, they will help to save on the call to a specialist.

You will have enough basic skills to configure the collection of data that you need.

Often AI is used to identify patterns. If you are good at programming, it will be much easier for you to understand the features of this field of application.

Far from all this? You can easily find basic information on the Internet, for example, on Codecademy . Both courses for beginners in programming basics and specialized training materials in data science will come in handy.

6. Content creation
Content is king, right? The main goal of modern business is to create effective content both from the point of view of users and search engines. Any marketing strategy is based on the generation of content.

The competent use of artificial intelligence will allow you to make your articles, posts, videos, photos, audio, email messages even better. For example, some brands due to AI make Facebook ads even more relevant for different user groups. And this is only one of hundreds of areas of application of artificial intelligence for creating and promoting content.

7. Security
Over the past few years, we have only heard about constant leaks of information in large corporations. These messages significantly damage the reputation of brands.

Do you want your customers not to worry about the safety of their personal data? Use AI with caution.

Consumers believe that artificial intelligence can make it harder for a business to secure online. Develop this myth by conducting thematic campaigns, and always responsibly treat user data.

8. The spirit of competition
Marketing is a high stakes game. You constantly have to fight with other companies for users.

After the massive introduction of artificial intelligence, competition will only intensify. Without the spirit of competition, one cannot survive.

84% of marketers are confident that AI will help them outperform competitors. Find out, and your rivals are already introducing new technology?

9. Delegation and time management

The community is hotly debating the possibility of replacing people with robots in most jobs. But this does not mean that AI should be considered as a threat. Rather, it is a dream assistant for any marketer. After all, with its help you can automate many tasks.

You no longer have to load workers with the work that a computer can easily do. They will have more time to solve creative problems.

10. Thirst for knowledge
To survive in the age of AI, it is important to be able to learn. The benefit for this today is not necessary to leave the house. There are many training courses and webinars available online.

Technologies are constantly evolving, so you should closely monitor the news, expand your knowledge and listen to the opinions of experts.

Does your business need artificial intelligence to survive?

Naturally, it is not so necessary as a presence in social networks, your website and the ability to accept online payments. From this point of view, it will not be easy to convince yourself of the need for such a serious step. But in this case, it is important to have a broad outlook and look at things in the future.

If even now you can’t afford the introduction of technology, you need to start closely monitoring it today. After all, artificial intelligence is the future, and not just marketing.

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