What are the responsibilities of business to society?

Social responsibility in business or corporate social responsibility (CSR), the behavior and action of organization conducting business ethically and adhere social, cultural, economic, and environmental norms.

In short “to use our services and expertise to the benefit of society”

Corporate Social Responsibility

In DFI club we have a powerful vision; to strengthen society. We will do this by providing digital knowledge sharing services that facilitate a simpler everyday life, with more opportunities for everyone.

We believe in transformation of lives through technology and offer our services and expertise to the benefit of society.

For any organization especially belonging to technology industry, formulation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be core part of establishing business. DFI club realized this very fact and provides social responsibility of business towards environment,shareholders,consumers and society very clearly that help shape how we live, work, learn, share, and solve global challenges today, for the next generation and for the generations that follow. This is a vision we are very proud of.

We at DFI Club reach this vision by defining a strategy where we say that the goal is to become the customer’s preferred partner in their digital everyday life. We must deserve such a partnership, we are aware of that. We must earn the customer’s trust. Trust that we deliver the best services on the market, but also the confidence that we do this in an open, responsible and honest way.

Direction of business changes with the time to upgrade themselves same is here in DFI Club a new direction for how we conducts its business responsibly was phased out in 2011. It further develops how DFI club handles risk, develops digital services for the benefit of society and anchors its agenda within the human resources sustainability goals and specifically reduces inequalities.

Organizations face challenges time to time and strong firms meet them with openness. In such difficult times organizations attitudes and actions within social responsibility and sustainability defines them. It shows who they are and who they want to be. DFI club is already a company with a long and proud tradition of exercising active social responsibility in many fields.


Good organizations run several exciting pilots together with external actors and analyze result.Especially for technical organizations shifting operation towards Greenfield is one of the big services towards society. Together, we are helping to realize the green shift. It is a milestone which many companies like DFI club are trying to achieve. Driving electric driverless car is possible with the help of “The Internet of Things”, and by the end of 2019 million of active IoT subscriptions are expected. Such a development requires robust network access where people live and travel. Engineers never developed the web faster than in 2019.

Although companies have a lot to be proud of, they can still be better, and they should be with their customers, partners, owners and authorities. Together with others, we can utilize our expertise to the best of society.

So far, 2019 has already been an exciting year for the Internet of Things, big data, intelligent embedded systems and artificial intelligence. Technological development offers great opportunities but also challenges both the major social structures and the purely interpersonal. We look forward to continuing to work together to find new ways to use DFI Club’s services and expertise to strengthen our communities.

Amram David

Senior Contributor at DFI Club
Amram is a technical analyst and partner at DFI Club Research, a high-tech research and advisory firm .He has over 10 years of technical and business experience with leading high-tech companies including Huawei,Nokia,Ericsson on ICT, Semiconductor, Microelectronics Systems and embedded systems.Amram focuses on the business critical points where new technologies drive innovations.
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